15 AUSTREE HYBRID WILLOW TREES fastest growing tree in the world!

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  1. YOU WILL RECEIVE 15 AUSTREE HYBRID WILLOW TREES, Salix Matsudana x alba HYBRID WILLOWS ARE THE FASTEST GROWING TREE IN THE WORLD, TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE. IN MARYLAND, 1 FOOT CUTTINGS WERE PLANTED IN THE SPRING, AND BY FALL THEY WERE A MINIMUM OF 14 FEET AND A MAXIMUM OF 20 FEET. IN CENTRAL CANADA THE RESULTS WERE 7 FEET TO 12 FEET. I JUST PLANT THE CUTTINGS USING BLACK PLASTIC TO HELP HEAT THE GROUND, TRAP MOISTURE , AND KEEP THE WEEDS OUT. OR JUST USE MULCH OR WOOD CHIPS. IF I USE A DRIP LINE WATER SYSTEM I GET 12 FEET GROWTH THE FIRST YEAR AND 24 FEET BY THE SECOND YEAR. ANOTHER COMMON NAME FOR THEM IS THE AUSTREE THE SUPER TREE FROM DOWN UNDER, AS IT WAS A GOVERNMENT STUDY RELEASED IN AUSTRALIA, AND THEN IN AMERICA AND CANADA. CAUSED QUITE A STIR AMONG RURAL PEOPLE INTERESTED IN WINDBREAK, FODDER AND EROSION CONTROL. Grows extremely fast! Are very hardy and disease resistance. Will grow in every state in the U.S. Common zones 3-8. Found growing from Florida to Canada. Once established, they grow fine through a drought year. Water them all you like. You will not kill them. Average life span is about 70 years. Under normal conditions a grower can expect 8 feet to 15 feet in one year. Trees develop extensive root system and can damage block foundations, sidewalks, underground pipes, drain tiles, etc so be careful where they are planted. Keep them away from a septic system. Roots of the tree generally are 1/3 the height of the tree in diameter and depth. If planting for a shelter belt for a windbreak or privacy fence, plant 3 feet apart in a single row and a grower will have an effective shelter within the first year. I will guarantee the trees for the first three months!

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Photo Note 1st photo shows a thick trimmed hedge. 2nd photo shows how they arrive and how to root them
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